Depalma Construction


Headquartered in Dillsburg, DePalma Construction Inc. wants locals to know that they serve as a one-stop shop all roofing services. While a large number of homeowners and business owners turn to the company every year for help with minor roofing repairs, the company has a number of experienced contractors reading and willing to help clients with the installation of a new roof and major repairs. Founded in 1999, DePalma Construction originally focused on the installation of new roofs before shifting its focus towards repairs. That experience combined with its highly trained contractors make it a top choice for those living in and around Dillsburg.

DePalma Construction has just 18 employees, but all of those employees believe in treating customers like friends. They believe that every client deserves the utmost respect, no matter how big or small the job might be. Though the Pennsylvania housing market took a down turn, the market rebounded in later years. Some of the clients calling for help today want an inspection before buying or selling a home. Those clients know that they can get a free estimate, schedule any repair work needed and walk away feeling like they just turned to a friend for help.

Why We

One reason why so many locals choose DePalma Construction for their projects is the wide range of roofing materials and products available to them. Unlike other companies that only work with one or two manufacturers, they work with some of the tops in the field, including Hardie and GAF. Every employee working for the company goes through some training before they start and additional training later to ensure they can effectively install those products and make any future repairs. It’s no wonder why so many Dillsburg locals consider DePalma Construction a company they can trust.

Getting a free estimate is as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email. Both the owner of the company, Dominic DePalma, and Heather Rotolo, the head of sales and estimates, can offer a free estimate for a client in minutes. Clients need to give them more information about what they want and need. DePalma Construction can even send the owner or one of its contractors right to the home to examine the building in person before giving an accurate estimate. Years of training and experience, qualified contractors and trustworthy services are just a few reasons to select DePalma Construction for roofing jobs.